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Welcome to the New England Amateur Tour (N.E.A.T.)

  Commencing for the 2019 Golf Season

Dear current and former B.A.G.S. members and golfing friends:

After 27 years of operating as the Boston Amateur Golf Society – Rhode Island Division (B.A.G.S.-RI), I am pleased to announce the formation of a successor golf league that will continue our tradition of “tournament golf for golfer's of all abilities”. The new organization – New England Amateur Tour (N.E.A.T.), will commence for the 2019 season, and will encompass the existing B.A.G.S. - RI Division, while expanding its reach to appeal to many of our golfing friends in Massachusetts. The major reason for this change at this time is due to an ownership change with the original MA. B.A.G.S. league. 

I will be the sole owner and operater of the new tour.

Some of the more significant changes will be as follows:

1. An increase in the # of local tournaments from about 55 to about 80. The additional events will mainly be in Massachusetts. The lineup of host courses located in Rhode Island and Connecticut will remain largely the same. While I will not run all the events, they will all be run to the same high standards that I am committed to providing.  The annual Florida trip in December will continue.  I will also be considering addtional winter/spring golf trips.

2. All events will be open to all members. There will no longer be combined RI/MA events. There will be an increased emphasis on venues that are geographically convenient for the majority of members.  

3. We will be members of both RIGA (Rhode Island Golf Assn.) and MGA (Massachusetts golf Assn). Members my choose to carry their GHIN handicap affiliated with RIGA and/or MGA, and thus qualify to participate in RIGA and/or MGA events.  

4. We will be taking full advantage of the recent USGA partnership with Golf Genius software – which is a “cloud” based software system now being used by most state golf associations and many member clubs. The software is fully integrated whith GHIN, and provides a web based portal for each event where members can obtain tee times, full results, season long standings, and statistics - all accessible on any internet enabled device. 

All existing B.A.G.S.-RI division tournament credits will be honored toward N.E.A.T. membership and/or tournament entry fees.

I am confident that you will find that membership in N.E.A.T. will be the way to go.  Over the past 27 years- I have learned "a thing or three" about owning and operating a travelling tournament league. I am committed to maintaining the same high level of service and responsiveness that you have all come to expect.

Please feel free to contact me about the new tour. I am excited to discuss my vision, and happy to get your input on procedures, policies, host courses, and anything else that will enhance the new tour.

I will be working hard over the coming weeks to roll out a new website and details of the New England Amateur Tour.

Jim Rooks