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B.A.G.S. - Rhode Island Division

2016 Year End Newsletter


Our 25th season has come to an end.  2016 was another good season for B.A.G.S.  Membership and tournament rounds have stabilized over the past several seasons.  We are able to generate sufficient interest and participation to provide our members with a good field size (and resulting prize fund) and a good level of competition.  B.A.G.S.  mission is to provide its members with the opportunity to participate in competitive golf tournaments, meet other like minded golfers, and to improve their game by playing different courses under tournament conditions.  Judging from the response and the improvement in many members’ handicaps over the course of the season, I am confident that we continue to successfully achieve our objective for a large majority of our members.

We continue to take advantage of the poor financial standing of many private clubs by holding events at 13 private clubs - all for a relatively low fee. We held events for the first time at Agawam Hunt and Lincoln CC.

Thanks to our 2016 tournament sponsors– Attorney Anthony Leone, Ameriprise Financial – Carl Ehmann, Phillips Plumbing and Mechanical,  and Golfer’s Warehouse.   Our Sponsor’s generous contributions of gift certificates and/or B.A.G.S. credits  were given out as additional tournament prizes.  Our sponsor’s contact information is listed on our BAGS – RI Division website.  If you know of other businesses that would benefit from exposure as a B.A.G.S. sponsor for 2017, please contact me.


2016 Order of Merit:

This year's OOM competition, with the lead changing hands between John Phillips, Dave Phillips, Alan Horlbogen and Kevin Smith.  All the aforementioned played most every event.  John was able to finish the strongest to win his second OOM title.  Alan Horlbogen, Kevin Smith, and Dave Phillips finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  The top ten were rounded out by Al Ferretti, John Teixeira, Don Brisson, Ralph Carlino, Paul Dumont, and Peter Kellerman.

Complete OOM standings are available on our website.


Hole-in-One / Closest-to-Pin Pool:

Over the course of the season, $1,989  went into the pool.  Steve Daigneault, aced the 15th hole at Shennecossett GC on August 8th to win $756 from the pool.  In Mid October, John Teixeira, aced the 12th hole at Montaup CC to win $ 663 from the pool.  The six closest shots split the remaining $ 570. John Phillips, Jay Katznelson, Ken Hallberg, John Teixeira, and Bob Blanchette (who had two shots in the top six) had the remaining closest shots. The top six  Closest - to - Pin shots were worth a B.A.G.S. credit of $ 95 each.  A shot within 1' 10" was required to get in the top 6.


The best gross score of the season was one over par shot on 4 occasions - twice by Hermen Dacones at Poquoy Brook and Country View, and once by Rich Bracker at Shenny and John Teixeira at Montaup. The best stableford point total for the season was 47 stableford points - shot by Ray Malone at Shennecossett.  Gary Swiman at Crestwood and Bob Finn at Shenny both shot rounds of 45 stableford Points. Well Done!!

The 25th annual Rhode Island Division championship tourney was again contested at Meadow Brook the third weekend of August..   Dave Phillips shot a two round total of 157, which was good for a two shot victory over brother John Phillips. In the Net "A" division, Larry Medeiros shot 42 stableford Points on Saturday, and held on to win by hard charging Dick Burt (1 shot back) and Tom D'Oliveria (2 shots back).  Bob Thibault played two fine rounds - a total of 77 stableford Points to win his second Net "B"  title, by 3 shots over Russ AuclairI have booked Meadow Brook again for our 2017 Division Championship tournament – the third weekend of August. 

 A complete list of winners for each event is listed on the tournament results page on our website.  Congratulations to all tournament winners throughout the season.



 Membership in B.A.G.S. generally leads to improvement in most of our member’s golf games.  Each season, as part of the USGA handicap program, each club receives a listing of its most improved golfers, as measured by the difference between early season and end of season handicaps.  

The most improved golfer of the year is Rich Bracker, whose handicap went down from 5.6 to 2.9 at the end of the season.  The top 25 most improved are recognized on the "member statistics" page.




Your year end USGA handicap cards are available on-line at  If you registered your email address, you should be receiving a notification at each revision.  If you would like me to print out a label, please contact me. 




2017 will be our 26th year. I would be grateful if you would take the time to comment on what you liked or did not like about B.A.G.S.  and things you feel I could be doing different or better.

Please provide your comments on the following topics:

1. Courses you would like to see added or deleted from our schedule.

2. Tournament formats and betting pools .

3. Scheduling, including the inclusion of more or fewer upscale courses.

Our new pace of play policy was introduced the last month of the season, and has been well received.  We will acheive our goal of having all players complete play in 5 hours or less.  I thank all members for making a sincere effort to speed up our rounds.  

I do make a sincere effort to incorporate your suggestions and ideas to improve B.A.G.S.  You can send me a written note (write or E-mail to  I would like to hear from as many members as possible.  If you enjoyed B.A.G.S., please tell others, if you did not, please tell me !!  You can send me an email, written note, or post your comments on our facebook page for all to see.


 Please send me names and addresses of your friends and associates who might be interested in joining B.A.G.S..  I will send them a brochure (beginning in late January, 2017).  You will earn a $ 35  B.A.G.S. credit for each of your referrals who join at the normal full price membership rate (this offer is not valid for existing or former members).

Thanks to Paul Dumont for helping me out by running a couple of the season's events in my absence.  I Continue to believe there is an opportunity to establish an affiliated B.A.G.S. division in Connecticut - I would be happy to discuss this opportunity with any member that may be interested. .

Thanks again for making our 25th  season another successful season - without your participation and support, B.A.G.S. would not be possible.  You may email or contact me at any time on my cell phone (617) 697-1784. Membership renewal letters and 2017 season schedules will be mailed prior to the start of the season.  Many of our events for next season have already been booked - please check our website for a preliminary schedule of 2017 tournaments. 

 I wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season, and a good winter.  See you in the spring  !!




James Rooks

Director - Rhode Island Division